Tampa Bay Florida

When it finally became clear to me that I had no future at USF, I started taking pictures of all of my favorite places around the Tampa Bay area. I wanted to have som e sort of pictorial record of the place where I had invested so much time. Tampa Bay is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. Too bad the university couldn't attract a better class of people. Here are some of my favorite places.

The Natural Areas of Tampa Bay

The USF area

The USF Campus

Lettuce Lake Park (Down the road from USF)

Lettuce Lake Park Nature Trail

Paddling on the Hillsborough River

The Botanical Garden

The Morris Bridge Site of Wilderness park

Bank Fishing Trail

The Boardwalk

The Fishing Dock

The Main Areas & Connecting Boardwalks

The Site Map

The Primitive Trail

The Old Tramway

The Trout Creek Site of Wilderness park

View From the Bank

The Boardwalk

The Site Map

Pictures from Along the Entry Roadway

Pictures from the Woods

The Flatwoods Site of Wilderness Park

Interpretive Area 2

Back Trail -- Interpretive Area 1

Bike Trail

Deep Woods -- Interpretive Area 1

The John B Sergeant of Wilderness Park

The Boardwalk

View from the Dock

Area Map

The Picnic Area & Woods

Wildnerness Park Maps


Lake Park

Back Trail

Alderman's Ford Park

Views from the Trail

Eureka Springs Park

Miscellaneous Pictures

Hillsborough River State Park

Pictures of the River

Pictures from the Trails

Other Stuff

The 1998 Air Show at McDill Air Force Base

Biplane Demo

F104 Demo

F15 Demo

Golden Knights

Monoplane Demo

Oreck Plane Demo

Red Barron Pizza Planes Demo

Tarmac Displays

Thunderbirds Demo

Around Home


Laura's 16th Birthday

The Pond

Flowers & Stuff

Grand Canyon River Trip

River Trip

Vacation, 1997

Afterward At Home

Laura's Buffalo Trip - 1997

Carlsbad Caverns

The Four Corners

The Grand Canyon

At Home

Laura's Party

Mesa Verde

New Orleans

Phoenix Botanical Gardens


RBJ's House

San Antonio

Sedona & Oak Creek Canyon

White Sands

Family Pictures








Field Trip

Birthday Party



Busch Gardens


Disney World

Busch Gardens

Miscellaneous Pictures

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